Everyone is A Legend In Their Own Mind Or Should Be!

When I create, it’s a very personal effort from my point of view and intended for you to perceive my creation from your personal point of view; M(e) + Y(ou)= MY (creation)…

Sometimes when I’m caught up in thought while on a crowded street, I bring myself out of it and realize that every person going by, has a full head of thought, like me; relative to their own particular lives. That is, all these individuals have all the details of their day, their fears, their hopes, loves, hates, goals etc. floating around in their head; I wonder do they actually look at me this way? That is a lot of energy! It should hopefully, be positive energy. I mean why not; this is where the old “is the glass half full or half empty” cliche comes to mind. I try to encourage this in all my relationships, long or short.

Can you imagine if all the individual thoughts in THIS crowd were positive, their sense of accomplishment, the way they felt about themselves etc…

Well… just as one is not supposed to give with the intent of receiving, I do, on a daily basis try to consider the other guy, try to understand the other guy’s point of view, walk a mile in his shoes, etc.. This is not a new concept for me. I apply it in everything I do from my craft offerings and teaching to getting along and rolling with someone else’s moods/actions. It has helped me to cope and mature.

As the years tick by, I approach my life or forward push with more humility, compassion and gusto than the year before and am deeply grateful for the support from everyone as well as the simple fact that I am able to keep going! As this year begins, a new cycle of my personal evolvement begins.

Everyone wants the same thing; “recognition”, “success”, “acceptance” and “longevity” ({“being of their own definition”} relevant to all those thoughts floating around in each individual’s head). Here’s hoping those thoughts are positive and uplifting as they should be!

“Big time, I’m on my way to making it, oh yes”Peter Gabriel


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