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Me In My Natural HabitatMe In My Natural Habitat Photo: Candi So

The Gold Monster: Powered By Pro-Mark   Photo: Dale Benvenuto

Musician, Composer, Vibraphonist, Percussionist, Jazzer, Rocker, Bluser & A Music Blogger.

“Vibraphone is to me, as drums were to Keith Moon…”;                         
“I love my work; I take my work very seriously- myself, not so much!”.    
Arnold Faber
Me, Myself & The Gold Monster Photo: Shelly Faber

Me, Myself & The Gold Monster Photo: Shelly Faber


Vibraphonist Arnold Faber is an accomplished, award- winning composer as well as performer. He has played most of the jazz festivals in Canada with his groups Mallet Busters and arnold faber’s Vibré and co-led The Live Adventures Of Faber & Freedman… His passion for the vibraphone and percussion is evident in every note he plays.

Vibeman Flying Solo And With The Live Adventures Of Faber & Freedman (At The Jazz Bistro Toronto, Canada):

His teaching mandate includes showing students how to think with their instrument and setting them up to fly on their own musically and creatively. Arnold has conducted workshops, clinics and ensembles extensively throughout Toronto and various other Public & Catholic School Boards across Canada.

My teaching is as important to me as my composing and performing. It makes me whole, it’s who I am.”.

Teaching one on one or up to as many as 80 students at a time is a weekly norm. Many regional clinics, weekly ensembles and a thriving private practice make up his “labor of love”.

Arnold Faber, a Yamaha Artist/Clinician & Pro-Mark Artist, is available for clinics involving; Jazz/Concert Band; Rhythm Section, Percussion Sectionals, Percussion Ensemble, Improvisation (any instrument), Mallets & Djembe. Based out of Toronto Canada, he works locally and travels extensively.

Email Arnold here For Information About Online/Home-Study Lessons for Vibraphone, Drum Set, Djembe, & Theory.

Arnold Faber is a Maximum Jazz/Universal Group recording artist:

Arnold’s unique sound and approach have delighted audiences at the Port Hope, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary and Medicine Hat Jazz festivals in recent years. He has also recorded many sessions for CBC Radio. arnold faber’s Vibré CD Blue Comedy MAX15612 (Maximum/Universal) is receiving airplay on jazz and public radio stations around the world. Blue Comedy (Maximum Jazz) Rating: NNN “Arnold Faber has been on the Canadian scene for over 25 years, consistently doing great things on percussion and, more importantly, vibraphone. The sounds he makes on Blue Comedy could have come from the bottom of the sea, washing over the listener with a soothing grace that leaves one feeling simply refreshed. Reworking songs by Jan Garbarek and Frank Zappa, among others you’ll be familiar with, Faber breathes new life into them with the help of his great band, Vibré. The Dave Brubeck classic The Unsquare Dance, a particularly snappy number, takes on an almost acid-jazz twist here that any fan of St. Germain would dig.” – Brent Raynor, Now Magazine, Toronto

I take my work VERY seriously; myself not so much!


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