Arnold Faber’s Opus #4: Are You Really A Friend Of Mine? (To Al Kooper)

For me, it started with the Blues Project. I loved that group as a whole; I didn’t really single out Al Kooper. It really wasn’t until his Blood Sweat & Tears that I really got into him. He is so integrated with the music history that I have ingested since I was a kid; the stories like his organ line on Dylan‘s Like A Rolling Stone, his connection to Joni Mitchell, it just goes on. It his however his diversity, scope and musicianship that is so appealing. The raw musicianship of Super Session, his very diverse You Never Know Who Your Friends Are, mixed in with all the film/television scores and production credits and musical liaisons… well, what’s not to love!

Al Kooper Now

Al Kooper Now

My love affair with the blues is totally because of him. His influence on my influences has, and still does, infect me to this day…

Al Kooper Then

Al Kooper Then

*Whatever makes these artists tick, has so rubbed off, so influenced me AND ultimately shaped my music-mind. Most people have a “bucket list”. I have a very personal, artistic AND emotional “bucket list” of artists I would very much like to collaborate/perform with. These musical renderings are very intimate, “aural bio-pics” of these artists.


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