Arnold Faber’s Opus #3: My Heart Is An Island (To Ray Davies)

I feel like I have known Ray Davies my whole life. When I saw the Kinks do You Really Got Me in those english hunting jackets and aristocratic, frilled shirts, I became a lifer. What a diverse tunesmith!


Ray Davies Now

Ray Davies Now


Ray Davies Then

Ray Davies Then














From the afore mentioned through Well Respected Man, LolaArthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)… right through to Waterloo Sunset. This man runs deep; he has been through an awful lot and for me is basically the poster child for being abused by the recording industry at the time. So many of that “rock royalty” were basically “raped and pillaged” to a point of almost live or die. So young, so successful without having a clue… if he in fact wears any cynicism or rough attitude, it’s no wonder.

Here’s to you R.D..



 *Whatever makes these artists tick, has so rubbed off, so influenced me AND ultimately shaped my music-mind. Most people have a “bucket list”. I have a very personal, artistic AND emotional “bucket list” of artists I would very much like to collaborate/perform with. These musical renderings are very intimate, “aural bio-pics” of these artists.


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