Arnold Faber’s Opus #2: If Only The Sun Shone At Night (To Brian Wilson)

They say that there is no such thing as an ex-surfer; just someone who doesn’t surf anymore. I don’t surf anymore but I still get that wonderful sentiment when I even think of Brian Wilson. Coming from Toronto, Canada, there wasn’t much chance that I would surf both coasts but, I did, because of him.  I know he really didn’t surf but, his *word/music blend simply created a compelling ocean “warm & fuzzy”; this has remained with me to this day. Emotional milestones include (mind the time-warp gaps) Surfin’, Surfer Girl, All Summer Long, Wendy, Heroes & Villains, Good Vibrations, God Only Knows, Surf’s Up, Sail On Sailor… I gotta stop; he taught me how to visualize in colours.


Brian Wilson Now

Brian Wilson Now


*I never really listened to the words, just sort of absorbed them; it was and is to this day about the the composition, instruments involved, scoring and arrangement…

Brian Wilson Then

Brian Wilson Then

*Let’s just say he has this age of innocence thing that never really quit even if his bubble was burst way to soon.




*Whatever makes these artists tick, has so rubbed off, so influenced me AND ultimately shaped my music-mind. Most people have a “bucket list”. I have a very personal, artistic AND emotional “bucket list” of artists I would very much like to collaborate/perform with. These musical renderings are very intimate, “aural bio-pics” of these artists.


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