Arnold Faber’s Opus #1: Life Is An Overture (To Peter Townshend)

So many artistic personalities; so much need to create. I CAN definitely relate…

I have inhaled everything composed/performed by Peter Dennis Blandford “Pete” Townshend (born 19 May 1945) since I saw The Who on the tv show Shindig in 1965. From I Can’t Explain to Squeeze Box; A Quick One While He’s Away to Tommy; Quadrophenia through his solo work… I dedicate this musical rendering to him.



Peter Townshend Now...

Peter Townshend Now…




Pete Townshend Then...

Pete Townshend Then…












*Whatever makes these artists tick, has so rubbed off, so influenced me AND ultimately shaped my music-mind. Most people have a “bucket list”. I have a very personal, artistic AND emotional “bucket list” of artists I would very much like to collaborate/perform with. These musical renderings are very intimate, “aural bio-pics” of these artists.


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