J.D. Salinger: An Important Mentor & Influence, Although We Never Actually Met

J.D. Salinger

J.D. Salinger

If I could liken my approach to composition to any art-form, it would be to writers; of literature laced with historically pertinent/fiction to be specific. The authors I admire and interact with become part of my music mind because of their work and lifestyle as it applies to history in the broadest sense as well as to my personal, most intimate history. This influences me, helps to guide me to my own artistic conclusions. Artistic integrity, outlook and product combine to complete a portrait that almost “speaks” to me; befriends me…

J.D. Salinger transported me; he allowed me to perceive as he perceived. But, he always allowed me to relate on my own terms and make up my own mind. This is huge with me. In real life, he was reclusive “to his convenience” and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought about that. Over the deep end; wouldn’t fighting in a war do that to anyone?

The only known photo of  J.D. Salinger writing during his war years.

The only known photo of J.D. Salinger writing during his war years.

In conclusion:

J.D. Salinger Quote


Mentoring from a person who I have never met is different than simply being influenced by them. Personal lifestyle & philosophy can be as important as artistic influence. Sometimes geography, media and/or a friend of a friend can enhance this very special, honest, one-sided relationship.  


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