Doug Riley: An Important Mentor & Influence, Although We Never Actually Met

Doug Riley

Doug Riley

When I was in my early teens, the Toronto Sound was at it’s peak.

Doug Riley emanated musicality; his arrangements, the way he played, projected an aura that made me feel like we were friends. I learned so much from him on how things should sound, look and in general, how they should be presented aurally and visually. I perceived everything he did as big, polished… I felt it would be difficult to dislike any music he created.

He will always remain HUGE in my music-mind. We will always be friends.

I still get shivers listening to One More Mountain To Climb (Neil Sedaka) as I did all those years ago listening on my transistor radio under my blankets at 4:00 in the morning…

Mentoring from a person who I have never met is different than simply being influenced by them. Personal lifestyle & philosophy can be as important as artistic influence. Sometimes geography, media and/or a friend of a friend can enhance this very special, honest, one-sided relationship.  



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