Do We Really Listen to Music Anymore?

This musician finds this very interesting; food for thought and ponderation… take a minute.

The Sophisticated Audiophile

ADDENDUM – 9/23/13
Hello all. This blog post is over 3 years old, but for some reason it has been making the rounds lately. Suffice to say, I don’t even have the same opinion towards the way people listen to music as I did when I wrote this post.

It’s interesting to see the feedback and emails I have received thus far. People are passionate about it, a few are so passionate, that they have sent me hate mail. Direct that passion for the music by buying records, and by going to live gigs, not by emailing a stranger nonsense because you don’t agree with a blog post that is over 3 years old.

My opinion has shifted since I wrote this, but I won’t alter the original post. It should stay up as is. This was where my mind was 3 years ago, and it is a firm reminder…

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