My Past Merged With My Present; For Two Solid Hours; I Saw The Who…

Then & Now Poster

This post is not a review; it is I, sharing a kind of emotional witnessing to an end of an era; a special era known only too well to YOU… YOU all know who YOU are.

As the crew was readying the stage, I felt like I was about to run into some old friends I had known intimately for several years but hadn’t seen for quite some time. The anticipation was very exciting yet somewhat melancholy. One of my main influences, drummer Keith Moon has been dead for many years and the bassist, John Entwistle passed in 2002.

The Who Then...

The Who Then…

The Who Now...

The Who Now…

When they took to the stage it was just… so comfortable; though it was in a hockey arena, and we were in the nose-bleeds, I felt connected/familiar.

Pete Townshend‘s brother Simon was on guitar and did a great job; Zak Starkey was drumming and I gottta say, FIT LIKE A GLOVE! I couldn’t believe it, definitely the man for the job. He has style, energy AND technique. Ringo has got to be a proud pappy!

Zak Starkey Then...

Zak Starkey Then…

Zak Starkey Now...

Zak Starkey Now…

They got into Quadrophenia, and did some assorted hits which did not disappoint! Roger Daltrey‘s vocals were amazing and duly supported by a 3 piece horn section and two keyboard players.

The thing is, the music had grown; the attitudes had relaxed and emitted humility. They thanked us several times for staying with them for all the years.

Humility is HUGE with me.

In summary, the years have been kind; their experiences good & bad, on the road and off, in the studio and out, personally and professionally have been kind… it was, for me, a very rewarding experience that I get to absorb into my music-mind.



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