A Little Zen, Now & Then…

Zen is a school of Mahāyāna Buddhism notable for its emphasis on practice and experiential wisdom.

My Stack Photo: Arnold Faber

Sometimes, just sometimes, retrospect can be as relevant as introspect; in one’s scheme of things, that is. I always keep a candle lit for those special “sometimes”. Years & years of living have taught me to realize my self-history, to own it, wear it AND rejoice in it.

Every day, every experience throughout the day as the days go by, seem to allow me to build while savouring the sum of the moments the came before.

I can’t describe the piece of mind the above has given me. It’s not about running away to join a monastery; it’s not about being “pious”. I truly believe it’s being in touch with yourself, so you can thrive in the personal environment you strive to maintain.

Above all, I have learned to THINK; not just do… just sharin’…

I recommend this movie very, very, VERY much to you…


One thought on “A Little Zen, Now & Then…

  1. Reblogged this on myredwinediary and commented:
    With the cosmos in a bit of an uproar, it’s good timing for this post. The movie is deeply engaging. Thanks for posting, and, reminding us about it.

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