Faber & Freedman: Recorded Adventures; When You Say You Love Me

Mike Freedman & Arnold Faber: Through Thick & Thin! Photo: Henry Faber

The Recorded Adventures Of Faber & Freedman is a musical snapshot of the wanderings of Arnold Faber & Mike Freedman. Each tune was carefully chosen, crafted and sincerely performed with passion, sentiment and an insatiable sense of adventure.

Featured Track: When You Say You Love Me (Mike Freedman)

My Thoughts: Ballads scare me. They are so special and have to be treated in such a way that the story connects; the snore factor, because of the tempo, can become a serious issue. When Mike Freedman (guitar) presented his tune for the recording, I fell in love with it and we really brought it to life. In this session, the words meld into a blue tinge as Simone Morris (vocal) paints the whole picture while Mike Pelletier (bass) almost laments between his solo and foundation function. Mike Freedman (guitar) propels the tune forward with his chordal treatment as I float in and out to create breathing…

I love this tune!


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