Faber & Freedman: Recorded Adventures; Occasional Man

Mike Freedman & Arnold Faber: Through Thick & Thin! Photo: Henry Faber

The Recorded Adventures Of Faber & Freedman is a musical snapshot of the wanderings of Arnold Faber & Mike Freedman. Each tune was carefully chosen, crafted and sincerely performed with passion, sentiment and an insatiable sense of adventure.

Featured Track: Occasional Man (Blare/Martin)

My Thoughts:  Simone Morris (vocal) offers up her island with a wink and a beckoning finger! She vocalizes a wonderful picture supported by Mike Freedman‘s (guitar) groovin’ guitar rhythms and Mike Pelletier (bass) hypnotic electric fretless. The “Gold Monster” and I just float over the entire proceedings enjoying the view from the beach!

I’ve wanted to bring this tune to life for years; I love the energy, attitude and performance of our version!


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