Faber & Freedman: Recorded Adventures; Pacin’

Mike Freedman & Arnold Faber: Through Thick & Thin! Photo: Henry Faber

The Recorded Adventures Of Faber & Freedman is a musical snapshot of the wanderings of Arnold Faber & Mike Freedman. Each tune was carefully chosen, crafted and sincerely performed with passion, sentiment and an insatiable sense of adventure.

Featured Track: Pacin’ (Arnold Faber)

My Thoughts: Just listen to Mike Pelletier (bass) dig in on that beautiful fretless electric! It hurts so good! Mike Freedman (guitar) comps a beautiful rhythm part to a melody that basically wrote itself; allowing me to weave in and out of a really good time… Funky, memorable and just a little devious would sum up my feelings on this one!


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