Faber & Freedman: Recorded Adventures; Sunday At The Hillcrest

Mike Freedman & Arnold Faber: Through Thick & Thin! Photo: Henry Faber

The Recorded Adventures Of Faber & Freedman is a musical snapshot of the wanderings of Arnold Faber & Mike Freedman. Each tune was carefully chosen, crafted and sincerely performed with passion, sentiment and an insatiable sense of adventure.

Featured Track: Sunday At The Hillcrest (Charlie Haden)

My Thoughts: Crafting an intro with a vibraphone ostinato, no bass, under the guitar playing the melody, was something Mike Freedman (guitar) and I came up with when we were playing clubs as a duo; we actually didn’t have a bass so, I had to make sure the harmonic motion was covered in such a way that the tune moved along musically. When Mike Pelletier (bass) swings in hard for the head, we are DEFINITELY off and running!

I wanted to change the harmony for my solo slightly as a bit of a fresh approach; instead of just playing over the harmony from the head. It really added to the arrangement. I feel we really paid apt homage to Charlie Haden with this offering; straight from the heart.

From Charlie Haden Himself:

Thrilling To Get Kudos From Charlie Haden

Thrilling To Get Kudos From Charlie Haden


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