Faber & Freedman: Recorded Adventures; Peel Me A Grape

Mike Freedman & Arnold Faber: Through Thick & Thin! Photo: Henry Faber

The Recorded Adventures Of Faber & Freedman is a musical snapshot of the wanderings of Arnold Faber & Mike Freedman. Each tune was carefully chosen, crafted and sincerely performed with passion, sentiment and an insatiable sense of adventure.

Featured Track: Peel Me A Grape (David Frishberg)

My Thoughts: I am always into stretching the function of the vibraphone in a rhythm section arrangement. So, boldly going where very few have gone before, I decided to do an intro AND the first verse with just vibes and voice. Boldly because first off, it’s not easy for a vocalist to sing over just vibraphone, because of it’s transparent nature, no bottom end. Simone Morris definitely rose to the occasion! Sultry, sexy and with such conviction, she tells us what to do!

When the bass and guitar come in, wowwy zowwy, what a gorgeous contrast; love it. Mike Freedman does a beautiful solo and we build right to the end. A special treatment for a jewel of a standard.


4 thoughts on “Faber & Freedman: Recorded Adventures; Peel Me A Grape

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    • Hi Larry,
      Glad you like the music; it has just been mastered and won’t be released until next year. So you can’t buy them, I have just posted for streaming.

      All the best to the you and the family.


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