The Theme From Mission Impossible; By Lalo Schifrin; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

The Incomparable Lalo Schifrin

The thing I love about Lalo Schifrin‘s Theme From Mission Impossible besides the infectious melody, is how groovy the 5/4 time signature becomes more natural as the tune progesses; the more you hear it, the more comfortable the pulse becomes. If you really listen, there is a kind of clave rhythmic kind of thing as the “backbone” of the bed. The man’s signature is on all his work and it is truly timeless!

If you listen with intent, every element of the show, intrigue, mystery and suspense is truly referenced in this classic, CLASSIC theme.

Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to click on the link below, and get caught up in the tangled aural web woven by Lalo Schfrin‘s Theme From Mission Impossible; this theme will never self destruct, because it is timeless…

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theatre applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.


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