Doin’ It For The Right Reasons; Think About It.

Whenever possible, I love telling people that the highest compliment I was ever paid was that “I do what I do for the right reasons”. The compliment was directed toward my art form but, it’s interesting to me how this can actually apply to anything I am undertaking.

If we examine out motives, goals, even day to day routines and compare these to our passions and “collateral damage” resulting from the above, a viable equation for our happiness, peace of mind will present itself.

I was most fortunate to become aware of my space at a very young age and have been comfortable in my own skin for most of my life. It is a gift I do not take for granted; recognized, I try and take my passionate being to the next level with everything I do; I share whenever possible.

Going With The Wind Can Be Risky…

Taking stock of one’s self is not easy…

Personnel: Arnold Faber composer, vibraphone; Frank Rackow sop sax; Greg Prior bass; Robin Tufts drums.


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