The Rockin’ Rebels’ Wild Weekend; When Instrumentals Were Fun!

The Rockin’ Rebels: The Boys From Buffalo NY.

Sometimes things just work. The playing on The Rockin’ Rebels’ Wild Weekend (composers: Kipler/Kipler/Balon/Gorman) is definitely not virtuosic; the melody is somewhat memorable and the performance is questionable. I LOVE it! It’s moody, nostalgic and grabs my ear in a kind of I’m going anyway whether you’re coming or not way!

You must listen to the out; the drummer turns it around on the fade and they just left it there! It’s great. Come back with me now to 1960, and dig into The Rockin’ Rebels’ Wild Weekend, the tune that wouldn’t give up…


Personnel as determined: Mickey Kipler sax; Jim Kipler guitar; Paul Balon guitar; Tom Gorman drums.

*When a doctor checks out my ears with his scope, this is a HUGE part of what he sees.We were, of course, THE garageband generation.* We started the whole three chord, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and drum thing. Looking back to the music of those times, things seemed to be less complicated but, our desire to get proficient was insatiable. Those of us who couldn’t keep up with the skill needed for the evolving music, simply dropped off the radar. Me? Well, I just couldn’t get enough! Things haven’t changed!


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