What begins as just a connection for biz quickly turns into an intimate proposition if, one actually cares about one’s craft…

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

Playing on a recording composed and produced by another musician presents an abundance of opportunities on all levels. It’s kind of like being invited into someone’s home- very personal.

When your particular task is outlined to you, you really want to do more than rise to the occasion, you want your contribution to enhance the sum of the whole!

I was asked to double the melody and solo. For me it’s a very welcome challenge to get inside someone else’s work/head. This is not just a shedding proposition as it is permanent. It has to be ABSORBED not merely LEARNED- that is, if it is to enhance the work and be a contribution to the whole and not just an add-on.

The experience means I get to grow in all directions mentally as well as technique wise.

Picking up on the general color solo-wise as well as matching…

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