Horst Jankowski’s A Walk In The Black Forest; When Instrumentals Were Fun!

Horst Jankowski was another pioneer of the “easy listening” era. This whole genre, for me, is music made of memories only; very memorable melodies that pick you up and drop you back to where you were at that time.

A Walk In the Black Forest/Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt (composer: Jankowski) really sounds like its title. The tune has all the ingredients in the right place. I love the strings in the intro; it almost sounds hoedown. AND, I really love the muted pizzi guitar that takes over the melody. It all simply, well… works, right up to that wonderfully cliché coda!

Time to put on the ole lederhosen, stick a feather in your hat; its 1965 again and we are going to take A Walk In the Black Forest

Personnel as determined: Horst Jankowski piano.

We were, of course, THE garageband generation.* We started the whole three chord, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and drum thing. Looking back to the music of those times, things seemed to be less complicated but, our desire to get proficient was insatiable. Those of us who couldn’t keep up with the skill needed for the evolving music, simply dropped off the radar. Me? Well, I just couldn’t get enough! Things haven’t changed!

*When a doctor checks out my ears with his scope, this is a HUGE part of what he sees.


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