Bert Kaempfert’s Red Roses For A Blue Lady; When Instrumentals Were Fun!

Bert Kaempfert; Riding The Lucrative Fence Of Commercial (Pseudo?) Jazz In The Early 60s.

Bert Kaempfert‘s version of Red Roses For A Blue Lady (composers: Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett), for me, epitomized that wee hours, “adult” romantic vibe. There were vocal efforts and other instrumental versions but, this is the one that did it for me.

What an arrangement! Oh, how I love that swingin‘ palette of strings, vocalese and brushes on snare; not to mention that beautiful champagne, muted trumpet weaving in and out of that haunting melody. When that mid-range trumpet takes over the melody from the vocalese, it’s like a cool breeze blowing on the nape of your neck. This baby led us into the news on Top 40 radio many times in the mid 60s.

So, let’s do it again! It’s 1965, you and your romantic other have been out on the town all night, both of you are dressed in formal wear; you come home (your place or hers) to two glasses and a bottle of bubbly; You put Bert Kaempfert‘s Red Roses For A Blue Lady on the turntable and have one more slow… dance…

Personnel not determined.

We were, of course, THE garageband generation.* We started the whole three chord, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and drum thing. Looking back to the music of those times, things seemed to be less complicated but, our desire to get proficient was insatiable. Those of us who couldn’t keep up with the skill needed for the evolving music, simply dropped off the radar. Me? Well, I just couldn’t get enough! Things haven’t changed!

*When a doctor checks out my ears with his scope, this is a HUGE part of what he sees.


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