American Bandstand’s Theme By Charles Albertine; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

Little did Charles Albertine know that when he wrote Bandstand Boogie, it would become the theme song for the longest running musical show in television history. He played tenor saxophone with the Sammy Kaye band in the late 1940s, and was the lead arranger for the new Les Elgart band.



Apparently, Charles Albertine Earned His Greatest Notoriety As An Arranger, Taking Full Advantage Of Stereo Technology To Create Some Of the Boldest & Most Dynamic Orchestrations Of The Period

What an unlikely choice; I know we had just come out of the big band era but the target audience was really not into that kind of sound. We are talking a swinging, monster big band arrangement here.

From the time American Bandstand went national (*1964) until 1969 Les Elgart‘s big band version of Bandstand Boogie is the one I remember in my music mind.

Let’s go back to about 1964; if you watched American Bandstand as much as I did, maybe you will recognize somebody…

Personnel as determined: Les Elgart’s Big Band.

Dick Clark, The World’s Oldest Teenager & Barry Manillow

Now, get into Barry Manilow‘s Bandstand Boogie version with lyrics he wrote…

Personnel as determined: Barry Manillow vocals.

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theatre applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.


3 thoughts on “American Bandstand’s Theme By Charles Albertine; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

  1. Mike Curb did NOT write the “Bandstand Boogie”! That was written by Charles Albertine. Curb wrote “Bandstand Theme,” which ran from 1969 to 1974. Therefore, the whole title of this article is not only incorrect, but misleading as well.

    • I always welcome corrections (misleading is a touch strong as I just do this out of interest). I consider my research to be quite thorough, however I have been erroneous at different times. Thanks for this.

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