The Village Stompers’ Washington Square; When Instrumentals Were Fun!

Washington Square (composed by Bobb Goldsteinn/David Shire) is for me an era absorbing, musical slice of time. Whenever I hear it, I kind of remember where I was in life and it gives me that sentiment. Although beyond genre definition, the instrumentation hints at dixieland, folk, pop… YOU NAME IT!

This blend of colours evokes moods, attitudes and energies of the day and was used frequently as a lead in to the news on Top 40 radio. All those key modulations definitely did what the arranger intended them to do…

It’s 1963 once again. Let the Village Stompers play Washington Square for YOUR memories of that time and YOUR space…

Personnel not determined.

We were, of course, THE garageband generation.* We started the whole three chord, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and drum thing. Looking back to the music of those times, things seemed to be less complicated but, our desire to get proficient was insatiable. Those of us who couldn’t keep up with the skill needed for the evolving music, simply dropped off the radar. Me? Well, I just couldn’t get enough! Things haven’t changed!

*When a doctor checks out my ears with his scope, this is a HUGE part of what he sees.


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