With recital season upon us, I can’t help but revisit my own experiences with an audience…

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

The idea of putting ones’ self out there to be scrutinized, gawked at and judged, scares a lot of students as they progress in their studies. I remember peer discussions about after graduation of music college. They ranged from the COVER UP: I play for myself man, the insecurity blanket to FALSE BRAVADO: now that I have this degree, I think I will go for a poli-sci degree, the professional student approach.

Me? I just NEEDED to play/compose. I felt because I was training and that I had NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER in that fact, that everything else would fall into place.

It’s certainly not an easy path but, my logic of you are on the planet anyway so, you might as well do something you love seemed to comfort me. I say this to students on a daily basis. I also tell them that if they have any…

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