Making The Most Of “What Happens Next” OR What Are YOU Doing After The Show Baby!

Looking back on the several years of learning, creating and loving that I have evolved through, I find I am developing a certain serenity; a kind of well-being. As I exhale from the taut years of my part in organizing our family unit, setting out on my career path, observing all that we observe as part of the “human race”, learning is still my priority. That is to say, learning in order to understand what is actually going on around me; learning from my life interaction/experiences so far, in order to make the most of what actually happens next; AND learning to be more compassionate and flexible with those who simply “don’t get it”.

The possibilities are endless! Everything is so exciting from watching my family grow to creating/building on the artistic prowess I have developed to this point. Being me is something I have always been comfortable with. I find now I can keep working at it with a renewed piece of mind having taken pride in what I have endeavoured so far.

Arnold Faber, THEN: Been There, Done That!

Arnold Faber, NOW: Doin’ It & Lovin’ It Until I Can’t!

Arnold Faber, FUTURE: Making The Most Of Life Experience & Appreciating All Of The Above!

So far, this is the oldest I’ve been.”- George Carlin

Jane Fonda‘s TED talk, “Life’s Third Act“, is very inspiring and I would like to share it… Overshadowing my whole outlook is my desire to savour every day, make the most of everyday and appreciate this time of life that I have evolved into so far…


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