McHale’s Navy Theme By Axel Stordahl; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

Axel Stordahl: The McHale’s Navy TV Theme; AKA McHale’s Navy March

Axel Stordahl developed his craft through the swing era by conducting and arranging for Tommy Dorsey and then on to be Frank Sinatra‘s “main man” through the Columbia years.

I really loved McHale’s Navy! Just thinking about it makes me smile. All these years later, the theme is STILL in my head when I think of that show. Now let’s go back to 1962; we are riding on the PT -73 and those marvellous swinging, syncopated lines build into Axel Stordahl‘s very memorable “McHale’s Navy March“, washing all over us…

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theatre applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.

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