Musicians Who Reinvent Themselves; NOT The Wheel

I have always admired superstar musicians who use their success (notoriety?) to move into the future. That is, their wealth and freedom to further their craft and venture into new areas. I have always tried to live this way (unfortunately, without that wealth and freedom!) in order to expand my horizons; sometimes, I think success would make the above more difficult to maintain.

Here are 4 artists I admire very much and who I would like to share with you.

1. Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny: Inventor?

Pat plays with anyone from any genre, anytime he chooses. Talk about creative edge! Talk about his evolving groups; the experiments are endless. Maybe we don’t like everything he does; the point is he doesn’t stop! I hope he never does!

Personal Fave Pat Metheny Milestone:

Into The Dream; W/The Pat Metheny Group Composer: Pat Metheny

2. Sting

Sting: Bass Playing Rocker Or Modern Day Musical Poet With Other Worldly Insight?

As charismatic, iconic leader of the Police, Sting truly had it all and, to this day uses all of it to move into the future; in the very ways I truly admire. His tune-smithing just doesn’t quit! His interesting sense of musical form, coupled with his very personally crafted lyrics, are complete pictures that really appeal to my sensitivity.

Personal Fave Sting Milestone:

Fields Of Gold; Composer: Sting

3. Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell: From Sandals And Congas To...

Joni Mitchell: From Sandals & Congas To…

This lady doesn’t quit; if she isn’t doing music, she’s painting. She just has to keep creating. Her transformation from folkie to electric madam was HUGE at the time. Joni Mitchell didn’t just shuck the sandals, she started to explore unusual song forms, guitar tunings and genres! Let’s not forget the amazing musicians she assembles and researches as she reinvents!

Personal Fave Joni Mitchell Milestone:

Free Man In Paris; Joni Mitchell composer, vocal, guitar; W/Pat Metheny, guitar; Jaco Pastorius bass;  Michael Brecker tenor saxophone; Lyle Mays keyboards; Don Alias drums.

4. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney: Definite Life After The Beatles

The man keeps going. Simply put, he can go anywhere, do anything, with anyone, any time; and he does! There is really nothing else to say. To put an old cliche to to good use: The proof’s in the puddin’!

Personal Fave Paul McCartney Milestone:

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey; Composers: Paul & Linda McCartney


2 thoughts on “Musicians Who Reinvent Themselves; NOT The Wheel

  1. Very nice blog, but, I don’t understand your confusion with ‘famous’ and ‘notorious’.
    From Synonyms for FAMOUS = famed, notable, illustrious, celebrated, eminent, distinguished.
    From Synonyms for NOTORIOUS = infamous, egregious, outrageous, arrant, flagrant, disreputable.
    Seems to me that all your examples fit into the FAMOUS category, not the NOTORIOUS 🙂

    • You are correct; but let me clarify my intent. I meant notorious(?) in a more general sense or toward those the shoe may fit, not necessarily for MY particular faves (although Sting, by rep is hardly a choirboy). You know the whole bad boy/girl thing. For example, I am not a huge Stones fan and they certainly have reinvented themselves through the years. Thanks for commenting

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