Ian Paice, How We Met Again For The Very First Time!

Me, When I first Encountered Ian Paice...

Me, When I first Encountered Ian Paice; Circa 1969

We all influence people in our life circle; intentionally or unintentionally we hope that it is in a positive way. Ian Paice influenced me musically at a very young and impressionable age.

In 1968, I heard Deep Purple‘s Hush for the first time. It packed such a tremendous wallop for a top 40 tune! Everything about it was so big; that huge organ sound; that amazing guitar sound; that hard hitting, full of technique drumming! Who was this guy?

Being sick for drumming and music, I delved into Ian Paice‘s work on the first 4 Deep Purple albums. After that, my tastes changed so, although I didn’t follow the group any more, his effect on me was permanently etched into my DNA.

As kids we had a rock group “Lemon Extract“; we won a battle of the bands contest with our rendition of Hush and went off and played at a club in New York; an experience of a lifetime! Thanks Ian for letting me cop your licks!

Flash forward to Feb 15, 2012 at Just Drums in Toronto, Canada. Ian Paice came to the store for a signing; let’s see 1968 to 2012, can you believe that I got to meet him forty-four years later!

Me, When I Finally Met “The Man”.  Photo: Cary Stein, Just Drums Toronto 2012

Yes, even seasoned, hard-core career musicians get mushy; I admit it! I was, 16 years old again for 5 minutes. It was great fun!

A Little Memorabilia Doesn’t Hurt!  Photo: Cary Stein, Just Drums Toronto 2012

This great banner just got greater! By signing this, Ian immortalized my little milestone.

I always have and always will, be a bit of a romantic. I guess that’s partly how I have weathered all the storms; I loved every second of this personally historic moment!

Lets go back to 1968 and listen to one of many reasons I chose my musical path…

Personnel as determined: Rod Evans vocals; John Lord (Hammond) organ; Ian Paice drums; Ritchie Blackmore guitar; Nick Simper bass.


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