Dee & The Yeomen’s A Love Like Mine: 1960s-70s Musical Canadiana; Hear Where I’m Coming From?

Dee & The Yeomen were kind of a mysterious entity to me. My father had a friend who dumped a bunch of records on me when I was about 13 years old. After going through the the singles I was familiar with, I saw that iconic teal colored REO label on a 45 with the tune A Love Like Mine by a group I had never heard of. I spun it…

Being infatuated with The British Invasion, I naturally enjoyed this tune; they sounded very British Invasionish and with good reason- leader Graham Dunnett‘s English roots and pro experiences. I then started noticing their name all over the club scene of the Toronto Sound. I regret that I only saw them on tv and never experienced them live (being 13 years old). However, their pedigree into the future, evolving into the Yeomen Rock Show and then into Max Webster surely gives them a distinction of note in my cherished Toronto Sound.

Checkout that cut time section near the end of Dee & The Yeomen‘s A Love Like Mine; very jam buttie…

Personnel as determined: Graham “Dee” Dunnett lead vocals, guitar; Terry Watkinson organ; Len Lytwyn vocals, drums.

*I have absorbed, inhaled and envisioned every note of this music; this music which has allowed my musical candle to burn incessantly for decades; a musical candle causing a burn that feels so GOOD; a hurt allowing me to create until I can’t. I gratefully acknowledge my Canadiana musical roots with this blog.


One thought on “Dee & The Yeomen’s A Love Like Mine: 1960s-70s Musical Canadiana; Hear Where I’m Coming From?

  1. They were called The Rock Show of The Yeomen, not the Yeomen Rock Show, and it was only Terry Watkinson that was in Max Webster. – clarification from one of the Toronto Sound’s own Paul DeLong.

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