Grant Smith & The Power’s Keep On Running: 1960s-70s Musical Canadiana; Hear Where I’m Coming From?

Grant Smith & The Power Was One Of The First “2” Drummer Bands I Ever Saw

When I saw Grant Smith And The Power‘s double drummers, I flipped out! It was amazing; actually the original drummer (of the doubles as well), was Charlie Miller. I took some lessons from him at Mason’s Music on Eglinton Ave. HUGE group=HUGE sound!

Hard hitting, brass punchy, with a great soulful vocal puts Grant Smith & The Power‘s Keep On Running ahead of all the other versions of it, in my music mind. I am crazy for that bari-sax intro! This era of Toronto Sound made me fall in love with horn sections. Also, listen for that Toronto Sound Fender Telecaster guitar cutting through; Tele is HUGE with me!

Come witness The Grant Smith & The Power freight train as it roars through Toronto in 1968…

Personnel as determined: Grant (Ellis Grant) Smith vocal; Val Stevens organ; Mike Harrison bass; Wayne “Stoney” Stone drums; Jon Palma guitar; Ralph Miller trumpet; Steve Kennedy tenor saxophone; Brian “Otis” Ayres baritone saxophone.

*I have absorbed, inhaled and envisioned every note of this music; this music which has allowed my musical candle to burn incessantly for decades; a musical candlecausing a burn that feels so GOOD; a hurt allowing me to create until I can’t.I gratefully acknowledge my Canadiana musical rootswith this blog.


9 thoughts on “Grant Smith & The Power’s Keep On Running: 1960s-70s Musical Canadiana; Hear Where I’m Coming From?

  1. great musician !! I hired Grant Smith for our Newmarket Teen Town Reunion in 1998 Still the amazed me!!!!! Sold out 1400 ..

  2. One person missing from the personnel list for Keep On Running: Steve Kennedy on tenor sax. Brian Ayres played baritone sax.

    Mike Harrison, bass

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