The Stitch In Tyme’s Got To Get You Into My Life: 1960s-70s Musical Canadiana; Hear Where I’m Coming From?

The Stitch In Tyme: Slick Pop Fun Swimming In The Yorkville Music Pool.

I used to run up and down Yorkville sticking my head into the clubs to catch glimpses of the bands. I wasn’t quite old enough to get in but, I loved the scene. I remember sticking my head into The Flick and seeing The Stitch In Tyme; they looked and sounded so good. Doing Beatle tunes, which I thought very classy, they had great vocals and a polished presence; to me, watching them was a real “big time” event.

Showing: The B Side Of Got To Get You Into My Life, Dry Your Eyes

The amazing vocals and carbon copy arrangement that we could all identify with (they even had the echo trick when the vocal hit “LIFE”), will remain in my music mind forever. Click (Flick?) and journey back to 1966 with me…

Personnel as determined: *John Yorke vocals; Grant Fullerton vocals, guitar; Bob Murphy vocals, keyboards; Donald Morris vocals, bass; Pinky Dauvin vocals, drums.

*Of special interest: Bruce Wheaton would replace John Yorke on vocals/guitar just after this record was made.

*I have absorbed, inhaled and envisioned every note of this music; this music which has allowed my musical candle to burn incessantly for decades; a musical candle causing a burn that feels so GOOD; a hurt allowing me to create until I can’t. I gratefully acknowledge my Canadiana musical roots with this blog.


8 thoughts on “The Stitch In Tyme’s Got To Get You Into My Life: 1960s-70s Musical Canadiana; Hear Where I’m Coming From?

  1. When you said you used to run up and down the street in ” the Village ” ( as we knew it ), I had to laugh, because I did exactly the same thing!! Too young also!! But my friend and I were also checking out the guys ” in the band(s) “!! And walking past Adam Mitchell’s house, because he lived down there, a very typical thing to do when you are in your very early teens!! Our parents never knew that we’d gone downtown, and I have a vivid memory of lots of young people rushing to the subway to get home by curfew!! Plus, pretty much all of the girls were taking their ” extra ” makeup off, and brushing their hair into less of a ” hippie ” look!! Wonderful memories, and I’m so grateful for people like you and friends on this site, for bringing my teen years back to me!! I had a memory box that got lost in a move ( 2005 ), filled with band photos, autographs, guitar picks, parts of guitar picks, chewed gum and even bus transfers with our evening’s adventures written all over them!! Thank you so very much for making me smile so often, because it’s been a bit of a tough time lately, and a smile is very healing!! ❤️🎶❤️✌🏼❤️

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