What’s In It For You? Just Listen!

On a occasion, we look without seeing. Likewise, we are in the habit of listening without hearing. People, in general, love to critique, be judgmental and brand without actually paying attention.

This can be applied to listening in general. Conversations, speeches and commercials all have potential in many ways but, the listener has to pay attention or miss the benefit of and/or interpret wrongly.

I believe listening to be an art form in itself. I believe it’s taking time out for the purpose of entertainment, gaining knowledge, interacting socially or even healing an ailment/hurt. But, one has to listen to hear, that is, in order to gain the benefit of the experience.

Listening is an ephemeral, on-the-fly experience; pondering after the fact of course is necessary for drawing conclusions but, the key for obtaining the most benefit is, living in the moment.

I have in my experience, certain pieces of music that are and always will be happening/alive in my being, 24/7, forever…

George Gershwin: SO Very Important To Me.

I love, no, cherish George Gershwin‘s Rhapsody In Blue. I owned a recording of a piano roll with him actually performing it on solo piano. My first year at college, I listened to it every day for that year. I left the planet for 14′:22” every morning when I woke up and came back with a new experience.

Real listening is work. What’s your Rhapsody In Blue? This is mine…

Personnel as determined: George Gershwin piano.

Composing to transport the listener is very important to me.

Trade Wind

Arnold Faber  composer, vibraphone

The Wychwood Clarinet Choir (Michele Jacot, Director)


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