You Turn Me On; An Ian Whitcomb One-Off

Whoa… what we have here is, the one-off’s one-off! Ian Whitcomb certainly made the most of this one! He wrote You Turn Me On (The Turn On Song) during the height of the tune in, turn on and drop out era. Coming from a total musical background, he definitely knew exactly what he was doing and never took himself seriously (except business-wise obviously) for a second. Still going today, he is, very successfully, leading a resurgence of the ukulele.

When it comes to 3-chord structures, it simply doesn’t get much better! This tune really has it all going. Sign of the time, good shtick, AND the playing is great! I love the rhythm section’s interaction, especially the drummer, with the very erratic vocal (apparently Ian was a founding member of Bluesville [credited as band on record],Dublin’s first rhythm and blues band),

Soooo, tune in, turn on, drop out and click on Ian Whitcomb‘s You Turn Me On (The Turn On Song) as we go back to 1965…

Personnel As Determined: Ian Whitcomb vocal, piano.

As far as the creative side of my musical persona is concerned, I am the sum total of what I have experienced musically. The emotion, the energy and the memories of music collected in my ear have shaped who I am as a composer, player and dreamer.


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