Have I The Right?; A Honeycombs One-Off

Ah Yes, Those Great British Import 45s That Had The Built-In Cookies!

The freshness of this song’s over all production enters your ears like an aural vision of the group’s name. Synonymous; especially when you know the name was formed from the drummer’s name Honey Lantree. That’s right, a GIRL drummer in 1964! I was 12 years old and I loved her. I am not sure if I loved her because she was a girl or because she played a 5 piece drum kit, unusual for the times, but…

Have I The Right? written by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley (who went on to manage them), sold over a million and unfortunately was followed by only moderate success. That line-up folded in 1966; but what a ride!

Those Crazy Honeycombs (with that 5 piece drum kit)!

I love Denis D’Ell‘s lead vocal. It sounds like he just sucked on an ultra heavy breath mint! When you add that trebly, fast tremolo of the guitars stinging its way through the incessant pounding of Honey‘s drumming, you get this very interesting sonic toe tapper (I have even read that the whole effort was just ever so slightly sped up).

 ‘Nuff said. Click on and let this tune, with Honey Lantree at the helm, pound it’s way into those 1964 memories of yore…

Personnel As Determined: Denis D’Ell lead singer; Martin Murray rhythm guitar; Alan Ward lead guitar; John Lantree bass guitar; Honey (Ann Margot) Lantree drums.

As far as the creative side of my musical persona is concerned, I am the sum total of what I have experienced musically. The emotion, the energy and the memories of music collected in my ear have shaped who I am as a composer, player and dreamer.


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