The Hill St. Blues Theme By Mike Post; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

Mike Post

Mike Post has written so many memorable themes. Law & Order, Quantum Leap and Doogie Howser MD are among many of the iconic themes he has done on his own.

The Incredible Cast Of Hill St. Blues

Mike Post‘s Hill St. Blues theme really mirrors the intertwining personal lives, day to day police/legal system, and overall grit in the times this series is set in. It’s almost like you’re absorbing every episode every time you hear it; and, YOU NEVER, EVER get sick of hearing it!

I love the way Mike Post mixes his electronics with acoustic instruments; his gift of weaving simple sonic lines into beautiful color tapestries haunts me with this theme. Adding Larry Carlton‘s guitar take on it, sends it over the top…

Take a trip down memory lane remembering TV Guide’s choice for #14 of the best 100 television series of all time; forever immortalized by one of the most memorable television themes of all time…

Personnel as determined: Larry Carlton guitar.

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theatre applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.


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