The Northern Exposure Theme By David Schwartz; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

David Schwartz

Northern Exposure was David Schwartz‘s first (of many) tv effort; he got a grammy nomination for it. Whimsical, quirky, intelligent and 3 dimensional is how I feel about this baby. 3 dimensional in the way it pops out at you, latches on to your ear and never, never lets go! It truly reflects the whole show with all of the above.

If you know Northern Exposure at all, you know it doesn’t fit any mold or cliche´ of any kind. Beyond description, it’s kind of like you’re a fly on the wall observing a Theater Of The Absurd production in high definition 3D at an IMAX!

I love the color cocktail mixture of the harmonica and accordion against that beautiful, whining fretless! Chop it all up with the percussion bed and drop it in a blender to puree´. Then, CHILL, pour it in your favorite mug, close your eyes AND drink it all in!

I’ll never get enough!

Tollak Ollestad chromatic harmonica; Abe Most clarinet; Andy Narrel steel drums; Brian Mann accordion; d.Fly (David Schwartz) fretless bass; Luis Conte congas & percussion; Jim Keltner drums.

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theater applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.


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