Taxi (Angela) By Bob James; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

Bob James

Satin, velvet and silk all come to mind when I think of Bob James. His sounds, the way he built his arrangement and connected his emotion, is all transferred so effectively, so completely to our ears! Not only did he write the Theme From Taxi (Angela), a beautiful piece of music, he also assembled an extraordinary complement of musicians who laid down a stunning performance. When you add flawless production to the mix, you get a timeless concept that simply remains…

Bob James keyboards; Eric gale guitar; Steve Gadd drums; Ralph MacDonald percussion; Gary King bass.

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theater applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.


2 thoughts on “Taxi (Angela) By Bob James; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

  1. Arnold, you picked the very song that got me into jazz. Around 1987, I recognized flautist Alexander Zonjic in a Sarnia greasy-spoon, as I’d seen him on CBC. Turned out he was playing a show in town, so I went straight there. He opened with Angela, but started at the “B” section, and rubato. I’d only ever played sheet music as written, and it was honestly the first time it occurred to me that you didn’t need to stick to the written arrangement.

    Nearly twenty years later, Zonjic was emcee when The Clayton/Scott Group won our first award at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, and I told that story during our speech. Afterward, in the wings. Zonjic came up behind me, quietly playing Angela.

    And at the following year’s award show, Bob James himself was the Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and I wound up hanging out with him in the green room, where we mostly talked about his grandson, who he’s crazy about. An excellent, strange evening.

    There’s not many tunes that cause such a vivid sense-memory for me as that one. Anyhow, thanks for posting about it.

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