Foods That Make Me Smile Just As Louis Armstrong Does

A Smile In Every Bite!

Foods that never let me down are few but ALWAYS make me smile; mmm… mangoes, shrimp, tomatoes chilled with kosher salt sprinkled on them, really good pizza AND vanilla come to mind. I could be in a bad mood; smile. I could be in pain; smile. I could already be smiling; more smile.

Smiling, an art form within itself, can be considered an extension of one’s sense of humor. A demeanor framed with a smile indicates contentment and positive energy.

So, I smile a lot with good reason; My wife, three sons and daughter-in-law make me smile. My dog Doxy makes me smile. Their energy, forward motion and love always make me smile.

Sometimes I reflect on what’s gone on to this point while I am enjoying from my fave food group; I smile and am thankful. Try a mango…

Doxy Makes Us All Smile.

Louis Armstrong makes me smile on so many levels. Some would consider What A Wonderful World (composed by Bob Thiele/George David Weiss) somewhat “corny“; I say, if you understood what Louis accomplished in his world, his influence on his art form and with the people around him, you would “get” this song and the way he sings it. When Louis Armstrong was alive, he made me smile; his memory and music will always make me smile.

Louis Was Always Smiling. I Wonder If He Liked Mangoes?

Smiling is good. I have a lot to smile about so, I will keep smiling ’till I can’t.


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