Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side; Smooth As Broken Glass Ground Fine!

Walk On The Wild Side From His 1972 Second Solo Album Transformer

I HATE everything about Walk On The Wild Side written by Lou Reed; BUT, it’s one of my very faves of all time! I mean really, you have this smooth bed; really nice brush work over a nice whiny bass figure, very jazzy, VERY groovy. Next a breathy, sax solo that really fits. It’s gorgeous…

Everything works so well from the production on down. However, I don’t get along with the overall vocal message. Maybe it’s too gritty for me or maybe I am so into the music that the picture painted is irrelevant to me. Regardless over all, it hurts so good!

Lou Reed guitar, lead vocal; Thunderthighs, including founder Dari Lallou, Karen Friedman, Jacki Campbell and Casey Synge backup vocals; Ronnie Ross tenor sax solo; Herbie Flowers basses.

As far as the creative side of my musical persona is concerned, I am the sum total of what I have experienced musically. The emotion, the energy and the memories of music collected in my ear have shaped who I am as a composer, player and dreamer.


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