Talk Talk; The Music Machine’s One-Off

Talk Talk by The Music Machine, written by Sean Bonniwell the lead singer, was about as classic a one-off as you will ever hear. Attitude + Musicianship + good writing= why it is with me still!

There was a period of time when this tune woke me up in the morning, was my desk tapping repertoire for the day in school AND sent me to bed at night. I had all the drum breaks down pat and I distinctly remember teaching it to my drummer buddies on my school desk, in class.

Sean Bonniwell vocals; Ron Edgar drums; Mark Landon guitar; Keith Olsen bass; Doug Rhodes organ.

As far as the creative side of my musical persona is concerned, I am the sum total of what I have experienced musically. The emotion, the energy and the memories of music collected in my ear have shaped who I am as a composer, player and dreamer.


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