…While Listening To Myself In The Mirror #7

And then I discovered Dave Brubeck

Baritone Saxophonist Gerry Mulligan W/ Dave Brubeck Trio (Jack Six, Bass & Alan Dawson, Drums) Was The Line-up I Saw In 1968 (Grade 10)

In 1968 our band director took us to Toronto’s Massey Hall for an afternoon concert. Seeing Dave Brubeck turned my time perspective around 360 degrees! Alan Dawson‘s impeccable drumming, Jack Six‘s foundation with Brubeck‘s “block style” interweaving throughout the rhythm section, made for some very interesting forays into time signature territories virtually unknown to me.

The classic quartet including Dave, Paul Desmond on alto sax, Eugene Wright on bass and the amazing drummer, Joe Morello was however, to be indelibly etched into my musical passion forever from my listening experiences.

a career in music? Don’t be silly, you won’t make a living. That’s no life for a son (daughter) of mine. That’s that! I don’t want to discuss it again!

Hey! Turn the radio up! I love that song!

Like, As A Partial List, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper, The Doors’ Strange Days, The Who’s Next Album And Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue, Brubeck’s Time Out Became Part Of My DNA.

I then became the drummer for a quartet that, if you can believe it,  just did Brubeck tunes! We did them all: Take Five, Blue Rondo a´la Turk, Bossa Nova USA, Unsquare Dance, etc..

I learned so much and had a ball doing it!

Paul Desmond‘s tone still melts my brain…

*The Series …While Listening To Myself In The Mirror, chronicles the milestones, influences and progression of the musical career and times of Arnold Faber, Canadian Career Musician/Composer. The intent is strictly to inform, entertain and chronicle a 38+ year career in Canadian music history.


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