…While Listening To Myself In The Mirror #2

My First Tools: These were my drum sticks; a marble coffee table was my drum set.

There were three of us. We must have been about 11 years old; about 1963. The Beatle’s fever was on and our souls were on fire with the British Invasion. The Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Yardbirds and The Who, to name a very few, made me crazy for music! We lined up Saturday mornings at Sam The Record Man in Toronto Canada, and waited for the doors to open.

The doors finally flew open and, armed with our coveted CHUM Charts (our local radio station tacked the hits with this sacred piece of paper), we very carefully perused the bins for our purchases.

We LIVED for the music; we skipped school to practice, perform for the girls and most of all DREAM music. The three of us are kind of loosely connected all these years later. But, I guess I’m the one that really meant it.

a career in music? Don’t be silly, you won’t make a living. That’s no life for a son (daughter) of mine. That’s that! I don’t want to discuss it again!

Hey! Turn the radio up! I love that song!

It’s funny how things work out. All my friends took piano lessons from the old lady on the corner with a bun in her hair; and hated it! Me, I was dying for lessons but my parents wouldn’t hear of it. It’s okay, it didn’t seem to matter- the music chose me, I didn’t choose the music!

We used to lipsync to this Dave Clark Five tune, “All Of The Time” (the B side of Bits And Pieces). Every time the drum break came up, I nailed it exactly and the two other guys would throw themselves around the room, literally, in amazement as I nailed it perfectly.

*The Series …While Listening To Myself In The Mirror, chronicles the milestones, influences and progression of the musical career and times of Arnold Faber, Canadian Career Musician/Composer. The intent is strictly to inform, entertain and chronicle a 38+ year career in Canadian music history.


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