LISTEN, Make Up YOUR OWN Mind; Wake Up, SMELL The Coffee, And Chill A Moment Before Chowing Down!

Things are looking up!

Excess has been a definite “North American” habit since the industrial revolution began and I really believe that it has had a somewhat detrimental effect on our culture including, our art forms. More bang for your buck, supersize me, all you can eat buffet, etc.; all these more for less concepts have made us somewhat lazy and unappreciative both literally and figuratively.

When we are kids, we all seem to jump on “bandwagons” (i.e. dictated by whatever peer group influence we were surrounded by; advertising aimed at our particular age group, etc.). The call of advertising/marketing is hypnotic to be sure but, as we age, one would think experience should really allow us to think about our habits, routines and interests somewhat more introspectively- not to mention just how we choose to influence young people around us…

Life After Shredding?

Life After Shredding?

A while back, someone remarked to me that his 12 year old son was really coming along on his guitar playing. He also told me how excited he was by the instrument in general. I asked him who his son was listening to and he named off all of his personal idols. When I suggested that his son listen to some of the more current innovators, he said “nah, he can play jazz when he gets old”. Way to encourage…

Expecting more for less has influenced even our ears by perhaps not allowing us, for example, the patience for slow music; it has to be fast. Relaxing to quiet music; it has to be loud, ETC.. Blocking out current marketing influences, allowing us to enjoy something for what it means to us as individuals can, be a difficult proposition.

The recording industry has traded on this concept for years and now, the indie revolution seems to be taking over and growing in all aspects; artists, producers, recording possibilities, marketing and publicity agents are all forging new paths which I believe will change perception; allowing richer yields for audience and creator alike.

There also seems to be an upsurge of live music in general. More people are going out and appreciating the excitement of live performance as opposed to just the spoon fed convenience of slick production at home; well, this involves effort from the listener; new hybrids of influences are being more widely accepted; well, this involves effort from the listener

Everyone seems to be growing! This is truly a good thing and I, for one, am very optimistic!


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