Honing Your Craft, Carving Your Slice Of Life Parallel

Every Slice Was Deliciously Consistent...

Every Slice Was Deliciously Consistent…

I always think of this ice cream cake that my mother used to get when we were kids; it had an animal or design shape of some kind in the middle of it. The interesting thing about it was, that no matter how you sliced it, the image remained true to the actual angle you revealed.

I never forgot it.

It seemed to impress me; I related to it on so many levels. I wanted to approach what I did with my life so when observed from any angle, I would be perceived the same way. Be it familial, professional or just personal, I really wanted to be a consistent person across the board.

Sometimes to a fault it seems…

I have tried to follow through on all levels of my “earthly relationships” of family, friends, business and simple common courtesies with the same thoroughness and attention I give my craft.

I have been this way as long as I can remember.

Imagine having a passion/gusto for absolutely anything you have to/want to do. That is, approaching any task or obligation with a sincere desire to understand and see it through to the best of one’s ability. This means regarding day to day work ethic, personal relationships, pet relationships, recycling; the list of course, is endless.

It’s all the same to me; I need all plates, spinning in the air at the same time in order to be me.

I will continue this way as it is the only way I know…

These illusions seem to change but in reality remain the same.


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