Walkin’ The Walk vs Just Talkin’ The Talk

You is or you ain’t; you do or you don’t.

I think, therefore I am” is a philosophical Latin statement proposed by Rene´ Descartes.

Basics the human race has in common:

  • birth
  • waking up in the morning
  • need to eat, drink and breathe
  • need for love and to reproduce
  • need for shelter
  • day to day monetary path/phylosophy
  • death

Everything else seems to be pretty well up for grabs. I’m talking right or wrong; good or evil; left or right; mean or kind etc. OR just what we will do with our time and space between any of the above mandatory factors.

At some point, every one of us on the planet (albeit circumstances no doubt effect one’s “choice”), choose a path; this would of course demand follow-through.

The curious cliche´, “Making one’s bed and laying in it“, for me, is really a description of life; that is, such as one’s life is, should or could be.

I have been fortunate enough (and don’t I know it!) to have actually made MY own choice as to what MY path was to be. I am in fact SO grateful that, I am making the absolute most of it AND sharing with those who may care to benefit from my experiences.

My life is my family and my music; there is a fairly large fallout area surrounding me and I work very hard to clean up after myself but…

Whatever the absolutes mentioned above, I have also come to two final conclusions:

  1. I have to look at myself in the mirror.
  2. I am alone when I close my eyes at night to go to sleep.

I have to be able live with myself in a way that will allow me to live with the people I love…


Doing It ‘Till You Get It Right OR Are We There Yet?

When is perfection relevant? Is there really such thing as perfection?

Like a little kid in the back seat, constantly pestering, “are we there yet?”, many of my students ask me how long it will be before they become “good”. I always answer them the same way; I have been playing many years and I’m still trying!

I warn them that they better hope they never get to the point where they think they are “good”. Then where would they go; what would be their motivation to continue?

I really equate this to life as well. I have learned not to take anything for granted but to appreciate what’s going on with, around and about me. For me, it’s about evolution relative to effort and reason for approaching absolutely anything in the first place.

The journey should be as important, interesting and eventful as the destination once you arrive; should you arrive!

The old adage practice makes perfect doesn’t really lend credence to the concept of practice. Who actually concurs on the perfect part; the student; the teacher; the audience- WHO?

I really believe that “perfection“, like “beauty“, is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • I love MY life because of what the process yields to me personally.
  • I love MY craft because because of what the process yields to me personally.
  • I love MY work because of what the process yields to me personally.

I remember years ago when I first started out, still in college, I was playing a bar and I had just played a tune on my vibraphone. The performance was, shall we say, far from masterful; the audience, mostly old & inebriated. When I finished, there was a moment of silence and then that vacuum BURST into an extremely energetic applause. I couldn’t help comparing this to one of my mentors, somewhere in the world, at that exact moment, achieving the same result. From the audiences’ perspective, was there any difference? Think about it.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.”– Les Brown

Honing Your Craft, Carving Your Slice Of Life Parallel

Every Slice Was Deliciously Consistent...

Every Slice Was Deliciously Consistent…

I always think of this ice cream cake that my mother used to get when we were kids; it had an animal or design shape of some kind in the middle of it. The interesting thing about it was, that no matter how you sliced it, the image remained true to the actual angle you revealed.

I never forgot it.

It seemed to impress me; I related to it on so many levels. I wanted to approach what I did with my life so when observed from any angle, I would be perceived the same way. Be it familial, professional or just personal, I really wanted to be a consistent person across the board.

Sometimes to a fault it seems…

I have tried to follow through on all levels of my “earthly relationships” of family, friends, business and simple common courtesies with the same thoroughness and attention I give my craft.

I have been this way as long as I can remember.

Imagine having a passion/gusto for absolutely anything you have to/want to do. That is, approaching any task or obligation with a sincere desire to understand and see it through to the best of one’s ability. This means regarding day to day work ethic, personal relationships, pet relationships, recycling; the list of course, is endless.

It’s all the same to me; I need all plates, spinning in the air at the same time in order to be me.

I will continue this way as it is the only way I know…

These illusions seem to change but in reality remain the same.