Teaching Should Be Do As I Say AND As I Do!

Teaching is as important to me as my composing and performing. My teaching credo is teaching people how to “think” on their instrument; if that is all they get out of me, THEY WILL HAVE GOT A LOT!

When you get down to it, thinking, that is, understanding the process thoroughly from A-Z is really necessary in all disciplines from golf to oil painting. I believe the student starts to form angst/frustration when they can’t relate to a particular building block at a given moment. Relating to, for the purpose of building, is necessary if the puzzle is to be completed.

I deal out my knowledge, experience and methodology from a personal, front line perspective. There isn’t ONE bit of my teaching that I can’t back up with personal involvement from a winning OR losing viewpoint; both being valid and necessary in order to be of value.

I am not an arm-chair general in any way, shape or form!


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