If Listening To Music Is Picking Fruit From A Tree Of Emotions, Creating Music Is Planting Seeds For A New Tree

If we are what we eat, physically, I believe emotionally, we are what we listen to. Music to me, is a reflection of a time being lived and we retain memories associated to any preferred music of that time; like a personal bookmark in time. Obviously, this can run the whole spectrum of emotion based on the memory surfaced.

I LOVE olden goldies or memory music. For me it’s like going through a lifetime photo album only I get a deeper,”being there” emotion from it as my imagination is doing the interpretation, not my eyes from the defined image of a photo.

Creating music is a process where I become the mirror reflecting my current emotion (VERY current, if I’m improvising!), and where I provide a reflector for anyone else who may be listening; I assure you, that is my intent, SINCERELY.

I believe that when we “finally get sick of” any particular music, we are actually tiring of revisiting those memories associated to that music. I find this whole line of thinking fascinating!

Artistically: Listening is one half of my existence; creating is the other half.





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