Play That Instrument You Always Wanted To Play Or Confucious Says: A Journey Of 1000 Miles Starts With A Single Step

It’s coming to that time of year again. It’s not just about the kids going back to school, it is also when many adults consider learning a musical instrument- something they have always wanted to do but somehow never got around to it. Many will let it slide, as they have preconceived ideas and/or built in impediments blocking their taking that final step.

Whether or not you are capable should NOT enter into it; whether or not you will truly enjoy the endeavor is impossible to know unless you try it on for size. My experience as both teacher AND student suggests that the way you start the whole proposition is the way you will finish it; be logical with how you go about this.

Organize Your Approach

  • Choose an instrument strictly on how it sounds; listen for it in the style/context of music that speaks to you (including vocal). Fall in love with that sound and connect yourself to it. In the beginning you can rent an instrument and sometimes a portion or all of the money involved can be used toward purchase when the time comes. Research, become informed!
  • Care in choosing a teacher will determine the success/failure of your endeavor. After researching, have 1 (one) lesson with a teacher who might be a possible fit; if the teacher “feels” right, carry on/if not, keep looking! Don’t assume this is the way it has to be. The process of learning a musical instrument is NOT of the no pain, no gain variety; type of music within the teacher’s realm, qualifications and experience would be definite considerations for this “trial” lesson. However, Not every teacher, even with the above in order, is for every student (personal chemistry); convenience/distance is really nicedo not base your choice on that factor alone! Research, become informed!

Enjoy the trip up, don’t wish you were there when you are here (don’t be the little kid in the back seat that constantly whines, are we there yet, are we there?).

Remember that you are taking lessons because you want to learn- if you already knew how, you wouldn’t need the lessons!


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