Creating Music Is About Living In The Moment- Not The Twilight Zone!

Twilight Zone


It took me years to fully appreciate a “music” moment that I happened to be experiencing at any given time (listening or creating). The process is really remarkable when you think about it.

Besides the obvious “team” scenario of a group situation or the “I guess it’s up to me” scenario of a solo situation, I have, for myself, found a kind of peace by sensing/slowing down the actual performance and kind of swimming, relishing and literally immersing myself in it.

As far as creating music, you really can’t zone out, as you are communicating with an audience and/or other musicians; the lines have to be kept open. When you are listening to music, you just can’t zone out; you need the backdrop of your emotions and environment to fully appreciate the influx to your senses.

As creators, we tend to succumb to nerves and really only appreciate it when it’s all said and done. As listeners, we can miss the point or center of the music by staying too long at the party!

This “in the moment” concept is something I am incorporating into my teaching philosophy with the hope that my students can benefit from the now and get the most possible out of it so they can have more than just the memory.

Shelly (my wife) says I eat too fast so I can’t appreciate a fine chocolate, wine, meal etc.; maybe she is right… she usually is!

Crawl inside this and look around… “Listen, and ‘create‘ your own temporary environment”…


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